Rovena Two
Hello! I am Rovena, a young witch with great ambitions: I want to steal Scrooge McDuck's first lucky dime
I have stolen it once in “Rovena One” with the help of many good riddlers, but unfortunately he took it back.
Can you help me steal the dime again? The goal is to solve 30 levels of riddles.
Some of them are easy, others are more difficult...
I called three friends to help me on this quest.
Hints could be in the source code, in picture names or metadata and in some levels you may need some image manipulation.
Google, Wikipedia, Omniglot, Red Luth... and other sites would be useful.
The answer is always lower case without spaces and all numbers are written as numbers. When you have found the answer change the URL like this:

...and don't forget to take notes of your answers.
I owe many thanks to my friend MissTerry who helped me a lot with the technical stuff and also to Cristina and SwissMiss for testing the riddle. We had a lot of fun all this time and now the riddle is ready for you. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Username: rovenatwo
Password: gothrough

Let's go!
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