Hall of Fame
1. small-tool 2015-08-22 Thanks for the riddle Rovena, was very hard, but I had fun along the way :)
2. Donas 2015-08-22 Thanks for the riddle, Some tricky levels! But I had fun :)
3. dutchie 2015-08-22 Finished!! thanks for the riddle, Rovena. Gave me headaches but was great fun :)
4. MishuAnubis 2015-08-22 great riddle!
5. jbg 2015-08-22 Thanks for the riddle. I had a lot of fun going through it. :)
6. mtatt100 2015-08-23 Hi Rovena some great riddle really enjoyed them looking forward to R3 Thanks
7. pel45 2015-08-24 Hi Rovena - Many thanks for another terrific riddle. Look forward to the next one.
8. PurpleLogic 2015-08-24 Thanks for the riddle. And TY for the code SM/MT
9. flowerbird 2015-08-24 I loved it :) Thank You Rovena! Make them more :D
10. pichi 2015-08-25 Great riddle! I hope 3 Thanks to those who helped me,and thanks to Rovena by create it
11. molly lena 2015-08-25 Thanks for the riddle.me like very much
12. mako 2015-08-25 Thank you very much for you riddles Rovena! They are really hard and challenging. Got me frustrated many times. But I'm happy to get through and learn a lot. Thanks again and thank you S-T for your help! ミ★(=^・・^)v Thanks!!★彡 ♪♪♪
13. chantilly 2015-08-25 Thanks for the riddle. Really enjoyed it.
14. Ellie 2015-08-25 Thanks for this great riddle! It was challenging, yet very fun to play, and I really look forward to more from you!
15. Edgar 2015-08-25 Very good riddle Rovena! I finally managed to finish it, but enjoyed every step of the journey (even level 28 -brickwall). Looking forward to the next one
16. LInR 2015-08-26 Thank you so much for the wonderful riddle, Rovena. A total delight to play. Here's hoping that Scrooge McDuck has a hole in his pocket and we will have to go searching again. :)
17. Xaq 2015-08-28 That was fun...now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to change the coolant in my brain
18. Reut 2015-08-28 Great riddle! some of it really hard! thanks rovena!!! (level 27 was amazing!)
19. Janet 2015-08-29 Rovena, thank you. So hard but I learned a lot. Thanks to Small, Dutchie, Xaq, Mako and Reut. I'm not a riddler but this is in honor and memory of SwissMiss.
20. Namnet 2015-08-29 Thank you for an amazing riddle!!
21. Luthorien 2015-08-29 Thank you Rovena, a very good riddle while my heart flyes to Swiss..
22. deecee 2015-08-30 Thanks for another great riddle
23. Uno Hoo 2015-08-31 ευχαριστώ, Rovena! First time to play such intensive riddle game. Love it and I've learnt a lot with the help of Janet, Small-tool,dutchue, Mako, xaq.... Greetings from the other half of the sphere ;)
24. sqEE 2015-09-06 Thanks for the riddles!